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Find out what students are doing at Puget Sound. ASUPS is the student body government at the University of Puget Sound, and the central hub of campus life. There are many resources available, awesome events and numerous ways to get involved! So let us know if you have any questions!

Want to Work for ASUPS?

YOU’RE IN LUCK! ASUPS is hiring for the upcoming year. Executive positions are a key part of the ASUPS office and work to run many important facets of the organization. Positions available include:


Director of Technology Services


Directory of Marketing and Outreach


Director of Business Services


All positions are paid and are year round. No experience with ASUPS is necessary. Applications due Monday, March 26, 2012 at 5:00PM

ASUPS Exec Debate

This past Tuesday (Valentine’s Day, also) was the ASUPS Executive Debate for the Spring Elections. It took place in the Rotunda from 5:30pm-6:30pm, and as promised we captured it all on tape and uploaded it this weekend. Below are the links to each video; none were edited.

Platform Speech for Katy Appleby-Scott Miller

Platform Speech for Brian Ernst-Rachel Borsini

Platform Speech for Chad Harper-Liam Tully

Platform Speech for Nathan Little

Debate, Part One

Debate, Part Two

Debate, Part Three

Debate, Part Four

Obviously, this was not a lengthy debate and there was not much back-and-forth. Our goal was to give everyone a solid glimpse at each candidate/ticket, and allow for the beginning of a discussion we hope takes place until voting closes, and really into the next administration. There are many issues that need to be addressed, and these candidates all did a good job showing their knowledge/qualifications, bringing new ideas to the table, and engaging with relevant topics. Thank you to all who participated, and also all those who were in attendance.

ASUPS Senate Summary 2/9

[minutes will be uploaded here once approved]

The following financial allocations were made this past Thursday to these groups:

Wetlands Publication: $2,907 for 600 copies of their magazine, to be released this spring

Underground Christian Fellowship: $500 to subsidize costs of conference trip for members

Garden Level/ASUPS: $475 to advertise for/subsidize the pre-sales of their CD, which could be released as early as November 2012.

The ASUPS Senate also approved edits/updates to the ASUPS Elections Guidelines. Vice President Lanier announced that he is continuing discussion about a potential renovation of Club Rendezvous, with Dining and Conference Services interested in supporting the project.

President Luther summarized the changes he is working on in the By-Laws, and will present them to the Senate in 2-3 weeks.

ASUPS Senate 2/2 Summary

[minutes will be posted here, pending approval, after next Formal Senate]

First off, congratulations to the following groups for the allocations they received: $987.54 to B-GLAD for their 10th Annual Drag Show (it will take place March 23rd in the Fieldhouse; get stoked), $1,673.45 to Habitat for Humanity for their Spring Break trip to Raleigh, North Carolina, and finally $2,015.35 to the Model U.N. club for a trip to a conference in Chicago. All three of these clubs made strong, well-prepared presentations, and we wish them the best in their endeavors.

Along with that, Wetlands was allocated $365.00 for advertising of the publication they have been working on. A finance allocation will be coming through next week for the publication itself, and we hope that the discussion proves to be well-informed and productive. The Facebook page for the group is located at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wetlands/228393230575559 — if you’re interested in the discussion, please feel free to e-mail either the ASUPS President (asupspresident@pugetsound.edu) or Anya Callahan (acallahan@pugetsound.edu).


ASUPS Senate 1/26 Summary

[Minutes will be uploaded here once approved]

Welcome back everyone! Senate is back in session, and with a bang. The following financial allocations were passed:

$400 to Julie Coleman, a student who will present at a conference in San Diego about her research on the traditional, residential experience for non-traditional students.

$1,360 to the Ultimate Frisbee team to pay for the registration fee for their tournament in San Diego, as well as to partially subsidize their flight costs.

$1,750 to Garden Level to help pay for the production costs (>$9,250) of a new CD. ASUPS also is looking into a way to subsidize pre-orders for students, so keep posted for updates regarding that.

$3,368 to CHISPA for a Lucha Libre show at the Fieldhouse. The show will feature traditional Mexican wrestling and will be open to both students and non-students, and will take place from 7pm-9pm on February 18th.

$1,000 to Northwest Sounds, ASUPS local-music Programming account. This money will allow the current schedule of performers to complete the semester, and offsets the budget reduction from last April.

Congrats to all clubs/orgs/individuals who received allocations which, added up, amounted to $7,878.

Also, the ASUPS Senate voted to recognize both the Volleyball Club and the Underground Christian Fellowship; congrats to both their clubs on recognition.

Finally, the Senate approved revisions to the ASUPS Constitution. This sends the revisions to the Board of Trustees and the student body via a referendum on the general ballot in February. Take a look, and if you have any questions/objections please contact asupspresident@pugetsound.edu.

New Constitution:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XJsgtcAVjCcYJm7Wsit5SdHfd_aDox05BqlgpIJFrU8/edit

Revisions Tracked: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18Qa8ZWYhdHGw8VNXRa7QWkitZsMZ3PzyPrcMY-EuRSs/edit

Midnight Breakfast is back!

As all non-freshmen/transfers know, Midnight Breakfast [MNB] has traditionally been an event hosted in Marshall Hall by ASUPS on the last day of classes each semester. However, after several incidents that took place at last year’s MNB, it was cancelled last Spring. While it is indeed back this semester, there will be some intentional changes to create a better atmosphere for all involved:

1. KUPS will be providing the music

2. All bags will be checked at the door, and no open containers will be allowed into the Wheelock Student Center.

3. It will not be as dark as it has been in the past; the lights will be turned on (much like at Mistletoast)

Along with these changes, Ubiquitous They will be performing in the Rotunda at 9pm (always a great show; make sure to check it out!). This is an alcohol-free event, and we ask students to come in a state that allows them to be responsible for themselves as well as others. This event is meant to be an enjoyable evening for the entire campus community in celebration of the end of classes; please come participate, get your free breakfast and make sure to take care of yourself so you don’t ruin the event for others.


Ubiquitous They will perform in the Rotunda at 9pm

Food will begin being served at 10pm in the main area of Marshall Hall

Food will stop being served once it runs out (probably a little after Midnight.)



From Santa and Mrs. Claus: “Be safe and have a good time!”

A bit of ASUPS Transparency for Friday…

The amount of money allocated for each ASUPS club sport for 2011-12, including finance allocations this fall:

Women’s Futbol—$350
Men’s Futbol—$350
Men’s Ultimate Frisbee—$1285
Water Polo—$680
Women’s Ultimate Frisbee—$850
Ski Team—$5800

Despite having fewer members than nearly all other club sports teams and a much shorter season (~1.5 months), Ski Team receives the most funds from ASUPS. There are a lot of factors that go into these decisions; please feel free to inquire about the process if you’re curious. The large differences amongst the budgets above come from factors such as time committed to the sport, personal financial contributions, stability of the club, number of members and influence on campus. It is not a perfect system, but lots of time is spent trying to be as equitable and fair as possible. Students at large, receiving no pay, dedicate hours on end over the year to achieve this equity and fairness, without much thanks at all.

Hey You, UPS students, remember to thank students at-large who are doing everything they can to help their campus community, despite not being a paid a dime.


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